Research & Development is the key to the future of pharmaceutical industry.

R & D in the pharmaceutical industry in India is critical to find answers for some of the diseases peculiar to a tropical country like India and also for finding solutions for unmet medical needs.

The ever-expanding Pharmaceutical industry demands for constant development and improvisation of new drugs and formulations. To cater this need, Medzone has expanded its R&D facilities by creating a state of art in house research center with infrastructure and expertise to carry out all the Research and Development activities

Being mindful of the supreme importance of Research in our line of business, all encouragement & necessary support is provided to our research team.

Our R&D team consists of highly competent professionals with performance driven credentials that are passionately dedicated to the know-how of Formulations and Development and are consistently breaking new ground in pharmaceutical research.

Medzone Pharmaceutical Research center has committed a substantial amount of its resources towards the development of Novel Drug Delivery Systems and this shall be the key factor in providing impetus to strengthen its objective of value addition to its product.

R&D center is focused on lifestyle diseases and has made breakthroughs in lifestyle disorders, anti-cancer, anti-allergic, anti-diabetic, Herbal drug development and herbal neutraceuticals.

The key focus areas are:

      Development of innovative and cost effective process for existing products

      Evaluating the analytical methods for all the products and intermediates synthesized

      To increase bio-availability of drugs

      To Improve product stability and to Increase shelf life

      Persistent research on process optimization and cost reduction for commercialized products

      NCE Research and development up to pre-clinical stage